When Crisis Strikes....

When crisis strikes, it can wreak havoc on your relationship.....and not necessarily because of something that you or your partner did to upset one another.

Distress from work, grief, or any transition can cause a downpour on your relationship if you don't have a strong foundation of crisis intimacy. 

What exactly is Crisis Intimacy?

Crisis Intimacy is connecting and growing together in dealing with problems and pain.  It is standing together in a united way in response to pressures of life such as raising a family, aging, or illness.

External stressors that may put your strength in crisis intimacy to the test are:

You or your partner get laid off.  

Your work is a toxic environment and you are bringing that energy home to your family.

Your in-laws are crossing your boundaries.  

Your child is struggling to make friends at a new school.  

You didn't get a seat on the subway.  

You're hangry (hungry thus angry). 

The list goes on...but you get the point.

When you and subsequently your relationship is impacted by an outside stressor, how do you and your partner manage the distress without letting it come between the two of you?  

Do you find that you come together as a team and weather the storms together or does crisis tend to wreak havoc on your relationship causing disconnection?  

Having a strong foundation of crisis intimacy is crucial because no relationship is sheltered from the curveballs of stress that life can throw at us.  
You can hear more about it on “Thirsty Thursdays with a Therapist” where I share tips on quenching the thirst in your relationship. Make sure you catch the replay here on Crisis Intimacy  You can learn more about how to cultivate and nurture crisis intimacy in your relationship.
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