If You Don’t Do It, It Won’t Get Done.

You’re sick of having to double check and remind him constantly to do things that he has agreed to do…...

Only to be told that  "he was about to do it". At this point, you don't even ask for what you need, because what's the point? 

You feel like if you never initiated and made all of the plans, you wouldn’t do anything together.   All the tasks, chores, to-do’s, scheduling, falls on you.

You are tired of being let down.  

You fear that familiarity and history is the only thing keeping you in the relationship.  You feel unappreciated and taken for granted. 

You think, "Maybe I'm asking for too much?"

We may be a fit to work together IF:

  • You want to feel like you are in a partnership.  You want to share laughter again.

  • You want to feel more relaxed like you used to when you first met.

  • You want to look forward to coming home to each other again.

  •  You want to be able to talk through tough discussions that don’t go in circles or leave you feeling more misunderstood.

  • You want to want to have sex.

  • You miss intimacy like it used to be, when it was effortless and emotionally connected. 

    If you and your partner want to feel heard and understood and reconnect, I can help you to identify and resolve what’s blocking you.

Are you ready to unpack the baggage that is hindering you from a more fulfilling relationship?  If so, I'd love to work with you.