So There Was A Betrayal....

She says it was nothing, but you don't believe her.  He says it's over, but you haven't been able to sleep.  Maybe you fear that you will never get past the affair?  Or that your partner willl never trust you again.  You never thought that this would happen to you.   Perhaps you are unable to focus at work barely able to eat.  You have kids, you have to think about them.  Does anxiety, rage, and sadness loom over the relationship?  Maybe you obsess over the other "woman"?  Do you want to stay and make it work on Tuesday but by Friday, you are threatening divorce?  Do you not trust your gut any longer?  Maybe you question every word that your partner says now?  Your heart drops when her phone vibrates.  Is it who she says it is?

My work helps couples move past betrayal and let go of past baggage.  You can rebuild trust and look forward to one another again.  Your anxiety and uncertainty can subside.  Betrayal does not have to haunt you or your relationship forever.  Our work will help you bounce forward and let go of the past while reclaiming a more fulfilling relationship with not just your partner but yourself.  Whether our work leads you to decide to go on a journey together or alone, you can heal and move forward.

Are you ready to unpack the baggage that is hindering you from a more fulfilling relationship?