Holiday Schmolidays


The Holidays are upon us!

This time of year can come with a mixed bag of emotions. Your feelings can range from happiness of celebrating through your children’s eyes to stress with your in-laws making you feel like January can’t come quick enough.

Behind closed doors, clients share with me the “Scrooge” side of the "Holidays" that isn't so much talked about openly. It's what I call the "Holiday Blues”.

The most common issue I help people to sort through around this time of year is managing stress and anxiety with family as get-togethers, traveling, and traditions can come with its own set of drama and personality clashes.

As a licensed marriage & family therapist, I find that SO many of my clients struggle around this time of year as they navigate conflict, tension, and unresolved issues preparing to spend the holidays with extended family. 

They share stories from past Holidays that have put a damper on their ability to look forward to family get-togethers.

While Holiday Cheer is plastered all around us, many are coping silently with loss as they enter the holiday season without beloved relatives that are no longer with them. 

While Christmas Carols fill the air, many are bracing themselves for uncomfortable trips to homes that they may not feel so welcome in. They are coping with the anxiety of different family rules, sometimes feeling alone even though they are surrounded by people. 

Maybe you and your spouse argue every year about his mom's comments about your parenting debating if she is being "disrespectful" or "playful". 

Maybe you are at a point where if you hear, "That's just mom being mom." from your spouse one more time, you are going to take that bottle of cabernet, a straw and lock yourself in the bathroom for the night.

If any of that resonates with you, you HAVE to check out my FREE guide:

"Surviving the Holidays When Anxious & Annoyed "

It will provide you with solid tips to navigate the holidays with more ease, set healthy boundaries, and cope with things that you cannot change! 

You don't have to put up with being disrespected, overstepped boundaries, and crippling anxiety JUST because it's the holidays or because it's with family!

I really want to help you manage the holidays in healthy ways to deal with family tension and conflict:

Drama with your In-Laws. Differing Traditions. Burnt Food. Travel with small children.

Your father-in-law's passive aggressive digs at the dinner table.

Your sister's partner who makes inappropriate comments in front of the kids. 

The Drunk Uncle who won't shut up. 

The Negative Aunt Nancy who says, "When are you going have a baby already? Time is running out, ya know?" 

The holidays don't have to be a drag. If you get a touch of the Holiday Blues, make sure you get my FREE guide below:

"Surviving the Holidays When Anxious & Annoyed "

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