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Hello I'm Jelisha

Let's unpack.



I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who primarily uses narrative therapy with couples and individuals to assist them in sorting through relational concerns. I have a background with Trauma-Focused therapies, and use my creative arts background to enhance the effectiveness of therapy. 

I consider my techniques eclectic; and use a multitude of modalities to assist in the narrative. These can include CBT, TFCBT, and EFT, just to name a few.

Book your ticket and board the flight!  I invite you to share your stories with me.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to better navigate your daily relationships.



I'm not a waiter.

Well…actually, I have waited tables…. but what I mean is, I’ve never been one to wait for things to work out or “get better”.  I believe that your preferred life is waiting on you to claim it!

A decade ago, this theory was tested, I left down South, headed to the Big Apple where I knew absolutely no one.

I left with:

A suitcase.  No job.  No job prospect.  No apartment.  And one expired pepper spray. 

True story.  

I had just enough money to stay in a shady motel in Newark (this was before AirBnB was a thing) for one week.  I hit the ground running and bustled in and out of what felt like the "Bates Motel" into the city daily, with a grin on my face.

I had one week to find a job, a place, and the surface of a purpose...... or return home to "I told ya so's".

I didn’t have the “how” figured out, but I knew where I wanted to be. The how came later, through perseverance, and introspection.

I won't chat your ear off with the details of my journey… I will simply sum it up to say that curiosity is what has been my saving grace.  Being curious about other ways of living, of being, of experiences of others along with mine!  

I continue to curiously explore multiple avenues to getting achieve my goals.

Along the bumpy ride, moving apartments, changing jobs and maneuvering relationships, I had to let go of some of the stuff I was lugging around to truly tap into the best of me.  It was the only way that I learned to grow through the struggles.  My shoulders were aching! 

That banged up scratched up bag was overflowing with residual effects of unresolved heartache, refusal to forgive, betrayal,  resentment, comparing myself to others, not trusting my gut…and others. 

I had to unpack...shed some layers...repack....break a zipper....fix the zipper....sit on the bag to try and make it all fit (in an overhead bin).....and then start over again to unpack what wasn’t helping me to thrive!  I could have missed the trip of my life!  I continue to unpack the layers that I discover holding me back.

Maybe you've been told you are "too sensitive by your partner but your true story is that you fully own your values and boundaries?

Or perhaps the story of "I'm a parent now, so my relationship and self-care needs go unmet" is familiar?

Maybe you've been told you have commitment issues, so you are living that story out subconciously and your relationships have suffered?

What’s your story?  What is not working for you?  Are you ready to join me in exploring and changing the stories that can lead to more fulfilling relationships?